Microsoft RiSE

Wow! This Microsoft Research team are prolific. I've recently become familiar with a family of products that have come out from the RiSE (Research in Software Engineering) team. As a consumer of development tools I really like it when my tools have synergy.

The tools I have been using are Pex, Moles, Code Contracts, Chess and Sandcastle (not sure if the last one is from that team but it fits in nicely).

Here's how the tools fitted together pre Visual Studio 2012:

So what happened to them in Visual Studio 2012?

3 things that I hope happen

  1. Microsoft re-thinks restricting their best isolation framework (Moles/Fakes) from the masses.
  2. Someone updates the Chess codeplex project for Visual Studio 2012.
  3. Microsoft RiSE team continue with their outstanding work!