Client Side SSL with SharePoint

Photograph by 2happy (Attribution)

In the words of many of the InfoSec gurus, "Implementing SSL is HARDDD!". No seriously, implementing Client Side SSL with IIS and SharePoint can be time consuming and frustrating.

Client Side SSL is for the server to validate you, not for you to validate it. (The later is called server side SSL).

Here's some great references and filler to cover the lack of detail on certain aspects.

Here's how I understand client side certificates, and understanding the relationships helped me work through the technical implementation. The explanation below is probably leaving me wide open to get pwned by a troll. But anyway:

Most of the technical details for implementing the above is covered in great detail in the following brilliant blog article:

The SharePoint extras:

That should do it if you browse to the site remotely with the pfx and cer in place then you should be ok. There may be issues with the name on the cert not matching the destination. But that seems par for the course.

Other noteworthy references: