[How To] Enabling chromium distiller reader mode

Since firefox version 16-ish they’ve had a reader mode available for webpages. I really like it as it lets you read the content without all the blinky-light-clutter. As Google are advertising people, while they do have the ability to simplify the DOM, they don’t make the option the setting easily available for obvious reasons!

Here’s how to enable it in chrome/chromium.

the /user/bin/chromium startup script notes:

# Some rudimentary support for user flags is provided via a chromium-flags.conf
# config file placed in $HOME/.config/ (or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME). Arguments are
# split on whitespace and shell quoting rules apply but no further parsing is
# performed. In case of improper quoting anywhere in the file, a fatal error is
# raised. Lines starting with a hash symbol (#) are skipped.

Therefore to enable the “Distill page” option from your chromium dropdown menu.